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This is our Photo Gallery with images and detailed information about the Luxury Cars and Classic Cars we offer. These include...


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The Rolls Royce Phantom’s interior is crafted by hand using traditional coach building techniques to make a simply majestic interior. The wood work alone takes 30 days to complete for just one Phantom. The results speak for themselves, with a tactile experience like no other motor vehicle. This level of detail is carried through the rest of the interior with the world’s finest automobile leather, deep pile carpets and lambs-wool rugs to create a sumptuous interior unlike any other motor car.

The Phantom’s rear-hinged coach doors reflect some of the classic vintage Rolls Royce models but more importantly the design team for this brand new Phantom have found that this is the best way for passengers to get in and out of the rear compartment of the car, making this the perfect chauffeur driven car for any special or important occasion.

Twin Art-deco inspired light fittings are included in the rear of the Phantom. Night-time ambient LED lighting sets the right tone with an optional brighter “boulevard” setting when more illumination is required.

The Phantom weighs a mighty 2.5 tonnes, however, thanks to its aluminium spaceframe, that’s 300kg less than it would have weighed if conventionally built from steel, with a 453bhp, 6.8-litre V12 and a six-speed auto gearbox to drive it.

With an overall length of 5.8 metres, you could be forgiven for thinking there might be a lack of responsiveness, however, although comfort has priority in the set-up of the air-sprung suspension, the car corners with a neatness unknown in any previous Rolls, and the steering is accurate as well as light.

You expect a Rolls Royce to sound like a library on wheels and for the most part, the Phantom is appropriately silent. There’s virtually no road noise and the mechanical components work smoothly and silently.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



Ferrari for hireThe 612 Scaglietti boasts a wonderfully sophisticated sporty interior that reflects its all-aluminium structure and advanced technologies.

The cabin’s functionality is highlighted by the use of great swathes of beautifully crafted leather, which is hand-stitched and discreetly but incredibly comfortably padded. The same leather used for the seats is also used for the door pockets, handles and knee rests too.

Today, the 612 Scaglietti is simply the smartest car around for anybody who likes to enjoy their driving, their touring, their shooting, their shopping, and, above all, their travelling. When it comes to luggage space and sheer sartorial indulgence, no car can beat the Scaglietti – not even the Aston Martin DBS. Ferrari have completely reinvented the GT concept, creating a car that captures the Spirit of the Age for a new generation of affluent discriminators.

The Scaglietti is, above all, a genuine gent’s coupe and a true four-seater with space in the rear seats for two adults, in addition to allowing for enough luggage to last a fortnight touring Italy. The design is pure Ferrari – a stylish and elegant throwback to the earlier days of the marque with a vast, never-ending sleek bonnet, wonderfully sculptured body lines and sculptured flanks that pay homage to the 1954 Ferrari 375 MM that film director Roberto Rossellini commissioned for his wife, Ingrid Bergman.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 3



Bently Arnage for hireOne of the most exclusive saloon cars in the world, the Arnage exists in the same super-rarefied league as the Rolls Royce Phantom and Maybach 57/62 – appealing to a different type of customer to the Continental Flying Spur.

Although the fundamental structure of the Arnage dates back to the mid 1990’s, it has been extensively re-engineered since, with a recent facelift giving it the front-end treatment of the Continental. Behind that, it is all reassuringly familiar though. As always, the Arnage has a proper “gentleman’s club” interior like the old school – leather, wood and carpets that you practically loose your ankles in.

The Bentley Arnage interior is a delightful and elegant space to relax and enjoy your journey. With the finest leathers and dazzling wood veneers, the Arnage is luxurious and comfortable. An excellent choice, the Arnage is a debonair example of a chauffeur driven car.

The Bentley Arnage is powered by a twin-turbo 6.75-litre V8 that produces, in Bentley’s words, “adequate power and torque”. Safety comes as standard in the Arnage with full sized driver and front passenger air bags with side impact air curtain and thorax airbag systems for front and rear occupants. Comfort is assured in the Arnage with front cabin air-conditioning, providing split level and rear having individual settings. With an overall length of 5400mm, the Bentley Arnage is large and spacious.

An automotive statement, the Arnage still stands pretty much in a league of its own – with super yacht-rivalling running costs to match. Just be glad that it still exists.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



Rolls Royce for HireWithout a doubt, the Rolls Royce is the ultimate of wedding cars and we are pleased to present the Silver Seraph to make your wedding day a memorable one. Why not make your dreams become a reality.

The Seraph is powered by a 5.4-litre V12 aluminium alloy engine and is operated via a 5-speed automatic transmission. Standard electronics include digital engine management and adaptive ride control.

The seats and dashboard of the Silver Seraph are finished in blue Connolly leather. Dashboard trim and the folding trays in the rear seats are finished glossy burl walnut veneer. The car’s interior comes with lush, deep pile lambs wool over rugs and there is ample space for those who prefer flowing wedding dresses.

The Silver Seraph represents a continuance for Rolls Royce in their quest to maintain recognition as manufacturers of the world’s best cars. The durability of the lazy, unstressed 5.4-litre V12, it is iconic and is the most evocative brand in the automotive world, for those who appreciate the agreeable, clubby ambiance, nothing else will suffice.

A total of 1.570 Silver Seraph’s were produced and were hand-built at the Rolls Royce factory in Crewe, England.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



Rolls Royce State LimousineLaunched in 1959 alongside the Silver Cloud 2 / Bentley S2, the Phantom V shared the all new aluminium 6230cc V8 with it’s sister cars.

The Phantom was designed purely as a “State” limousine, aimed at Royalty, Heads of State and the very rich. The Phantom V weighs in at nearly 3 tons, so it is best to let the chauffeur do the driving! A rumour at the time of its production was that the Phantom V was used to determine the space lengths for new parking meters in London!

The N.I.L. Phantom is a rare “top hat” version, providing additional headroom. It is a perfect “bride’s” car and is also ideally suited as a support car for bridesmaids due to its additional fold down seating.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 6/7



ROLLS ROYCE SILVER WRAITH L.W.B. LIMOUSINEFor 1951, the Silver Wraith received the revised 4566cc “big bore” engine used by the rest of the Rolls Royce/Bentley range. Apart from the larger engine capacity, the “new” Silver Wraith remained largely unchanged, although automatic transmission was made available.

During its production life, the Silver Wraith’s coachwork began to evolve into more modern styles, the early pre-war style, Lucas P100 headlamps started to make way for smaller lamps, similar to those used elsewhere in the Rolls Royce Range. The Silver Wraith short wheel base cars remained in production until 1953. LWB cars, such as ours, lasted until 1959.

The “N.I.L.” Silver Wraith is a unique example. Only 20 Limousine versions were ever built, of which, ours is one.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



BEAUFORD DE VILLE 1930’s STYLE TOURERThe Beauford de Ville has its roots in the 1929 Duesenburg Model J. Good though modern cars are, they often lack that elusive character that made car travel fun.

The Beauford’s timeless design is individual on today’s roads and leads to rapt attention of almost every other road user – they give way and allow space, just for the chance to see an echo of a bygone era. Words and pictures can’t do it justice; you have to see it for yourself.

Our Beauford de Villes are long wheel based models with ample space in the rear passenger compartment. The de Ville roof provides shelter from the elements and facilitates the hood to be in the open position on most occasions.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 3



Bentley S2First introduced in 1955, the Bentley S-Type (retrospectively known as the S2) is a larger car than the R-Type that it replaced, which was really a late forties design from the steel rationing era. The S2’s power comes from an enlarged version of the R-Types six cylinder, overhead inlet/side valve exhaust type head, now of 4887cc. Early cars were available with manual transmission (very rare), however, most cars had a four speed automatic gearbox, power steering was only available from 1956 (much needed)!

The beautiful shape of the S2 uses the car’s length to its full advantage. The car’s interior features all of the usual appointments expected in a Rolls Royce or Bentley, which includes no less than three fold out picnic tables! Although most S2s carry the “Standard Steel” Saloon bodywork, some cars have coach-built bodies by Hooper, Freestone and Webb and others. A few long Wheel/Base cars were also produced, most have Mulliner Park Ward six light limousine coachwork fitted.

The Bentley S2 is the sister car of the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. The cars are identical with the exception of the front grills and badging.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



FLEUR DE LYS LANDAULETTEA Landaulette is a vehicle with a fold-down roof above the passenger compartment. It was a very popular design in the 1910’s and early 1920’s. Today, true Landaulettes are extremely rare.

Our Fleur de Lys has masses of room in the rear passenger compartment and is upholstered in the style of Chesterfield seating, which compliments the car’s vintage appearance. The Fleur de Lys Landaulette offers a unique alternative to traditional bridal cars.

A truly unique choice, great fun, and one which will get you notices on your big day.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 4



ROLLS ROYCE SILVER CLOUD 1Launched in 1955, the “new” Silver Cloud was the long awaited replacement to the Silver Dawn.

The Silver Cloud is a substantial car and due to its longer chassis, carries a standard steel, 4 door saloon body, which it shared with its sister car, the Bentley S-Type (later known as the S1).

The Silver Cloud uses a twin carburettor version of the 4887cc Silver Wraith engine, mated to a 4 speed automatic gear box.

Coachwork consists of a 4 door, steel shell mounted on a separate chassis, many cars were painted in elegant two-tone paint schemes, as are ours. Interiors are well appointed with all the usual wood and leather expected by Rolls Royce enthusiasts, as well as options such as electric windows. Some chassis were supplied to coachbuilders such as HJ Mulliner, James Young, Hooper, and Park Ward although most prefer the standard saloon design offered by Rolls Royce.

Production ceased in 1959 when the Silver Cloud 2 arrived. The Silver Cloud then became retrospectively referred to as the Silver Cloud 1 and is considered the best of the “Clouds” by purists.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 4



CHRYSLER V6 300CN.I.L. have chauffeured hundreds of satisfied customers to their destinations. With the expansion of our Chrysler 300c wedding cars, we can now offer yet another modern alternative.

With just one glance, it is clear that the 300c is not just another sedan. With its deeply sculpted bonnet and distinctive wide checked Bentley style mesh grill, the Chrysler 300c exterior of outspoken and proud. The interior features are equally impressive with leather-trimmed seats, California walnut and Boston Acoustics premium sound system.

You will have no problem spotting the 300c! Chrysler’s luxury saloon is bold and brash with four engines that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Top of the bill is the 6.1-litre HEMI. Based on the same platform as the Mercedes E-Class, the 300c sits well on the road and is supremely comfortable. It handles well too. Compared to executive rivals, the Chrysler represents remarkable showroom value, equipped with luxury trim and high-tech driving aids. Unforgettable looks, comparative rarity in the UK and European Engineering helps to make the 300c unique.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



Range Rover VogueThe Range Rover Vogue is a big step up. With heated front seats, rear entertainment system and 20” alloys along with a whole range of add-ons and extras, this is Range Rover luxury at its best. The engine is accompanied by Brembo brake discs and Terrain Response for an outstanding driving experience.

With bags of space and room for all, you can cruise around the UK in style and comfort.

The latest model of the Range Rover features powerful headlights and eye-catching power vents – both highly functional as well as distinctive visual features – and a split tailgate design for convenient access.

With an elevated and lofty presence, the Range Rover Vogue wedding car will ensure a grand entrance on your wedding day. Quite different in character from our other wedding cars, the Range Rover has four-wheel drive and a rugged build quality, which makes it great for rural weddings. For all its ruggedness, the Range Rover Vogue sacrifices nothing in luxury and comfort. Plush leather seats and air-conditioning help make this the wedding car that stands out from the crowd.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



DAIMLER DS 420 LANDAULETTE (CONVERTIBLE) LIMOUSINE Perhaps the most popular and recognisable post-war British limousines, which first appeared in 1968, the Daimler DS420.

No royal wedding or state procession would be complete without a long line of these stately cars quietly wafting along. Production of the DS420 lasted until 1992 and many of the 4116 examples were exported to embassies, foreign royal households and business users.

The DS420 was originally constructed on a modified Jaguar 420G floor plan and featured the same cars 4.2-litre twin cam six cylinder engine. All models have automatic gearboxes, independent suspension and, thankfully, power steering.

Although most DS420s were built as closed limousines, a handful of open landaulettes were also built to special order. Ours is one of the handful.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 6/7



Mercedes LimousineThe Mercedes Limousine is no ordinary limo. This is a professional coach built stretched limousine, which does not scream “Hen or Stag Night”! This stretched limousine can carry 7 passengers in style and makes a great alternative to MPV or typical stretched limousines. Understatement can be a good thing!

A stylish wedding car from Mercedes Benz, the Mercedes limousine is sleek, stylish and comfortable. Virtually all of our wedding cars are long wheelbase “limousine” models, giving bride and groom plenty of legroom, allowing for large wedding dresses and, of course, the Mercedes limousine is ideally suited for up to seven bridesmaids.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 7



Daimler DS 420 LimousinePerhaps the most popular and recognisable post-war British limousines, which first appeared in 1968, the Daimler DS420. No royal wedding or state procession would be complete without a long line of these stately cars quietly wafting along. Production of the DS420 lasted until 1992 and many of the 4116 examples were exported to embassies, foreign royal households and business users.

The DS420 was originally constructed on a modified Jaguar 420G floor plan and featured the same cars 4.2-litre twin cam six cylinder engine. All models have automatic gearboxes, independent suspension and, thankfully, power steering.

There are acres of room in the rear passenger compartment, leather seating, deep pile carpeting and glass division between the chauffeur and passengers.

Maximum passenger seating capacity – 6/7



JAGUAR XJ8 L.W.B.The XJ8 L.W.B. Elegant. Sensuous. Sophisticated. Shape that’s instantly recognised.

A true design icon. Yet beneath this curvaceous profile lies a technical masterpiece, the kind of no compromise, cosseting ride, comfort for which the XJ is famed.

Discover luxury and convenience within fingertip reach, air conditional, full leather seats with lumber support and headrests. Sit surrounded by the lustre of burr walnut veneer and cut pile carpet at your feet. To allow ease of entry and exit our XJ8’s are long wheel base models.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



Jaguar XJ6The XJ – an icon evolved. A shape that’s sensuous, balanced, in proportion. Unmistakably an XJ. Stunning to the eye. The strength and rigidity of the XJ’s high-tech alloy body translates into a new level of dynamic handling. On the road, the car feels agile. Alive. Sensational to drive (as confirmed by N.I.L’s chauffeurs). New front and rear self-levelling air suspension provides rooted, high-speed stability with the kind of no-compromise cosseting ride, comfort passengers deserve and for which the XJ is famed.

More headroom. More legroom. More space to stretch out. In an interior that’s roomier, much more spacious and accommodating than before and greater luggage space in a boot that’s been expanded by 27 per cent. A boot that can easily swallow luggage.

More superior quality. Great craftsmanship. Craftsmanship you expect from a Jaguar flagship and from N.I.L.

Maximum passenger seating capacity - 4



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